The Øyster King Cookbook

The Øyster King Jesper Danneberg invites you to discover this very special oyster cookbook - written in English, Danish and German.

34 delicious oyster recipes are waiting to be tried out in your kitchen. Even experienced connoisseurs can discover and enjoy new creations. If you are new to oysters, get a light introduction on oysters and useful tips on storing and shucking them properly.

All recipes have been created by The Fanø Oyster King Jesper Danneberg as well as befriended chefs and oyster lovers.

The OysterHood is proud to be the sole importer of this one-of-a-kind cookbook. Get your copy before they're all gone.


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AUTHORS: Jesper Danneberg Voss, Colin John Seymour Jr. and friends

NUMBER OF PAGES: 160 pages

SIZE: 17 cm x 23 cm

Production, printing, binding: Made in Germany (on FSC-certified paper)

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