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November 18th

Why? Well, because we invented it. And we did so because Fall is Prime Oyster Season - the time of year when oyster quality at or near its peak. And because at this time of  year the greatest variety of oysters are available to consumers. Attend and Official International Oyster Day Event to learn even more about what all that means and how it might affect how you look for, order, consume and find the greatest value in oysters in the future.



Experience All 5 Species of Oysters PAIRED WITH all 5 Major Categories of Libations.

All 5 Species of oysters are rarely ever presented together in one place at a time much less presented with the 5 major categories of “Adult Beverages”, meaning Beer, Wine, Spirits, Cider & Sake. The result is an extremely fun, educational and engaging experience where you can experiment with rare & exotic oysters & pairings.

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Kumamotos (Crassostrea Sikamea) are, in fact, indigenous to Japan. Japanese oyster growers who immigrated to North America long ago brought the seed and expertise with them to produce “Kumos” here. The oyster species that is Crassostrea Sikamea is now grown in WA, CA and MX and are generally referred to as Kumamoto Oysters. So, which one is best? Which do you prefer most? By tasting all 3 varieties of “Kumamotos” side by side consumers you will see and taste the difference for yourself.

See, you’ve already learned something valuable! So join us at an Official International Oyster Day event and learn even more. Enjoy the company of others looking to do the same. 




Each oyster species will be paired with beer, wine, spirit, sake or cider. Enjoy unlimited quantities of oysters & libations (presented in various ways) and discover which pairings you prefer.