Rudi Ehrlich


Rudi is an entrepreneur, marketer and business development professional with a deep passion for food and shellfish. His respect for sustainability and conservationism stretches back as long has he can remember. As a cultural and culinary enthusiast, Rudi has traveled the world in search of culinary delights, often bringing discovered stories, styles, recipes and entertainment concepts to his network of epicureans. And as a founder of Oyster Week he is thrilled to be bringing such a unique and engaging culinary entertainment and conservation concept in his native New York.

Kevin Joseph


Kevin grew up in a seafood restaurant family in East Hampton, NY and Naples, FL. After college in Boulder, CO, he began to pursue a career in event marketing. NYOW is the perfect fusion of his lives experiences, the things he knows best, Seafood & Events. The rest of his story and expertise is in marketing. He is the Founder and CEO of Otaku marketing OBSESSION and he brings a vast network and marketing expertise to New York City and Oyster Week.