We are working with designers, inventors, and brands across the country to source all your oyster related tools, accoutrements, gifts and art. Pretty soon you'll be able to shop directly from the OyStore, but untl then, here are a few of our favorite Oyster Products:

For Shucking: This is the knife you need. If you are Down To Shuck, you really must own this knife. www.Laurel1891.com The wood handle of these knives is made from the up-cycled decking wood of the 125 year old oyster boat, "Laurel". You can learn all about her at www.Laurel1891.com. So far only 50 knives have been made from the wood we recovered before Laurel was destoryed. We were only able to salvage enough wood to make about 1500 knives so this is a very limited run product. All of the knives are 100% Made in the USA by R. Murphy Knives in Massachusetts.

For Serving Oysters: The Large Serving Platter from Le Creuset is a must-have for serving oysters at home. Any of the 8 colors are sure to make your oysters pop! Plus, like all Le Creuset, cleaning couldn't be easier. Whether you are serving your oysters passed, or if they will be served family style, this platter is a winner. 

For Baking and Serving: The Loftin CeramicOyster Shells, are not just the pefect dish for creatively serving cooked oyster dishes - think of these as your new spoon/bowls for your oyster etoufee or gumbo - but they also make wonderful table decorations for all your summer cookouts.