EVENT: 2016 International Oyster Day - Official Global Gala @ NYC

NOVEMBER 18, 2016

Did you know November 18th is International Oyster Day? Join us as we celebrate it with an extraordinary pairing of OYSTERS + LIBATIONS + FILMS presented in 2016 by Bowmore Whisky. 

A GRAND SHELLEBRATION: The OysterHood, The Barclay & Bowmore Whisky have partnered to offer everyone from oyster aficionados to the bibale curious a rare experience all 5 OYSTER SPECIES paired with 5 PREMIUM LIBATIONS paired 5 SHORT FILMS about oysters and those who grow or harvest them. 

WHEN: Friday, November 18th (International Oyster Day) 6:00pm - 8:30pm

WHERE: Club InterContinental @ The Barclay. The elegant & refined event will be presented by The OysterHood, Bowmore Whisky & The Barclay in a plush, private and sophisticated space. The Barclay is located at 111 E. 48th Street New York, NY 10017 

TICKETS: $95 per person, Tax & Tip Included. RSVP HERE. Guests will pay upon entry with a credit card. Consumption of Featured Oysters & Beverages is unlimited.


ALL 5 SPECIES, clockwise from top left: Edulis / Belon-ME, 2. Virginica / Empire-NY, 3. Gigas / Purple Mountain-WA, 4. Sikamea / Kumamoto-WA, 5. Lurida / Olympia-WA, Photo Credit Kevin Joseph.

This is about as rare & exotic as it gets! The OysterHood, Bowmore Whisky & The Barclay present all 5 species with 10 varieties of oysters from 5 states, 3 provinces and 2 nations. 


1. Crassostrea VIRGINICA (East Coast) paired with WHISKY: Bowmore Small Batch, 12 & 15 Pearls & Luge 

Featured Oysters: Empire (NY) + BeauSoleil (NB) + Mayflower (MA) + Irish Point (PEI)


2. Crassostrea GIGAS (West Coast) paired with WINE: Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc 

Featured Oysters: Shigoku (WA) + Purple Haze (WA)  + Kusshi (BC)


3. Crassostrea SIKAMEA (West Coast) paired with SAKE: Aragoshi Yazu

Featured Oysters: Kumamoto (CA), Kumamoto, (WA), Baja Kumamoto (MX)


4. Ostrea LURIDA (West Coast) paired with BEER:  Bronx Belgian Style IPA

Featured Oysters: Olympia (WA)


5. Ostrea EDULIS (East Coast) paired with CIDER: Orchard Hill Cider Mill 

Featured Oysters: Belon (ME)


BONUS PAIRING: Champagne & Peconic Bay Scallops​

  • Featured Champagne: Tatinger. Guests will receive a single glass upon entry. 

  • Feature Scallop: Whole, Wild Caught, Live Peconic Bay Scallops shucked live, served raw, on the half shell.

  • The catch is on right now and our friends aboard FV Harvest Moon in Matituck, LI, NY has promised us the scallops they catch the morning of November 18th. These babies will only have been out of the water a few hours before we enjoy them. Now that is EPICurean! 


3 KINDS OF "KUMOS": Left to Right, Humboldt Bay, CA, USA, Oakland Bay, Puget Sound, WA, USA, Bahia Falsa, Baja, Mexico

We''ll be comparing and contrasting a limited number of Sikamea (aka Kumamoto) at the event. Technically, all Sikamea are impostors as Kumamotos are indigenous to Japan (Kumamoto Bay, Japan). The Mexi-Motos or Baja Kumamotos are a Sikamea grown on the Pacific. Is it an inferior imposter or is it BETTER? It will be interesting to see what our guests think. Sikamea seed was brought to the US by Japanese immigrants and were marketed (then and now) as Kumamoto. Which one will be YOUR favorite?



PASSED COMPOSED OYSTER & SCALLOP DISHES by Executive Chef Willis Loughhead featuring Peconic Bay Scallops & Empire Oysters​

PECONIC BAY SCALLOPS caught in the morning of November 18th, driven to NYC and then shucked live and served raw on the half shell!!!

BOWMORE PEARLS & ACCOUTREMENT PREMIER™ by Master Mermmelier Kevin Joseph. There’s nothing cooler for oysters. Learn more here.

BOWMORE LUGE by Bowmore Ambassador Asa Scott. If you've never Luged, your not a Luger yet. So join us and get with it. This is one of the best ways to enjoy oysters! 

Chef Willis Loughhead pulls a luge of his own. 


During the event we'll be screening various short films about the oysters and the people who produce them.

Bowmore Whisky presents The 2nd Annual Bivalve Film Fest!

  • The Oyster Divers of Long Island by Peter Crosby @ Bullrush Films
  • The Men of Oysterponds  by Peter Crosby @ Bullrush Films
  • The Peconic Bay Scallop Harvest by Peter Crosby @ Bullrush Films
  • ClammerHead’s Green Gills by Peter Crosby @ Bullrush Films
  • SURPRISE FILM: To Be Announced @ The Event

A scene from The Oyster Divers of Long Island. Photo Credit Kevin Joseph.


Club InterContinental at The Barclay is our global headquarters for International Oyster Day. This is the ONE & ONLY, official event for 2016. This has got to be the most interesting and exotic oyster presentation on the planet on this day. Produced by The OysterHood, creators of New York Oyster Week. www.OysterWeek.com www.TheOysterHood.com

Club InterContinental @ The Barclay

The Gin Parlour's Bar features 80 Gin options and a menu informed and inspoired by a sustainable & responnsible seaffod ethic by Chef Willis Loughhead. 


The Laurel 1891 will be available to demo for anyone looking for a little shucking lesson. They'll be available as the best holiday gift you could ever give to a shucker you know or love. Its the official oyster knife of The OysterHood. The handles are made from Angelique, a very rare and exotic hardwood used to build ships and boardwalks in the 19th & 20th Centruty. This wood was used for the decking of an oystering vessel (LAUREL) which worked the waters of America's east coast for 125 years. 

LEARN MORE @ www.Laurel1891.com


As we move a bit deeper into fall and Prime Oyster Season, what better time to learn about "The Benevolent Bivalve" than the present? Guests who attend this event can expect to learn A LOT about oysters.

  • The differences between Species & Varieties
  • Merroir (or the influences on an oyster’s flavor profile)
  • Oyster growing regions and techniques
  • Shucking tools & tactics
  • When is Prime Oyster Season and what about "the R Months”
  • Are oysters an aphrodisiac
  • Parings from Bowmore Whisky, Orchard Hill Cider Mill, Bronx Brewery & Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc
  • ...and much more

The event will also showcase Intercontinental Hotel Group’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Billion Oyster Project and a dedication to sustainable seafood & responsible fisheries.

Date & Time

Friday, November 18, 2016 - 6:00pm


Club InterContinental @ The InterContinental New York Barclay
111 E 48th Street
New York, NY 10017
United States