EVENT: Cocktail Oysters

There’s a fairly new oyster bar in town boys & girls, and its legit. And it is in one of the coolest parts of Manhattan, The OLD Seaport. Come and explore this storied “OysterHood” as you learn why we call certain oysters “cocktail oysters”. 

Discover how they are grown and a little bit about some of the people, places and processes that create these wonderful little oysters. Determine your favorite variety and possibly try your first ever Olympia Oyster (The only Oyster Species NATIVE to The Pacific Coast of North America). 

Experiment with various cocktail pairings and enjoy the mixology of Dorlan’s Owner & Mixologist Jeremy Dahm. This is the most intimate event of New York Oyster Week 2016 as only 50 guests will be able to attend. 

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Date & Time

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - 5:00am


Dorlan's Tavern & Oyster Bar
213 Front Street
New York, NY
United States