OYSTOURISM: Forty North Oyster Farm


Forty North Oyster Farm, Mantoloking, NJ | Matt Gregg 

ABOUT FORTY NORTH: Oyster hamlets were once littered along the mid-Atlantic coast. Hamlets turned to Villages. Villages turned to Towns. Towns turned to Cities. It was the mighty oyster that built it all. In this case, the botany of desire proved to be lethal. A victim of its own success, oyster stocks collapsed and with it, a way of life.

We are digging up that legacy and sharing it with a society poised for its return. Picking up right where our predecessors reluctantly left off. 

Forty North Oyster Farms is a collection of locations, each producing a different product. You see, oysters much like wine, take on the flavors of the region where they grow. Many of our private oystering grounds are the very ones vacated following the Great oyster collapse of the 1950s.

This all started as an idea. Integrate age-old-mariculture with a burgeoning appreciation for tastes. Tastes that are reflective of their surroundings. Surroundings that are possible because of nature. Nature that produces something that is perfect, again. A renaissance of oysters.

Date & Time

Friday, July 10, 2015 - 8:00am


Forty North Oyster Farms
Mantoloking, NJ
United States