Shuck Recipes

The Holiday's are indeed the most wonderful time of year, not just to spend with family and friends, and to give thanks, but to also eat oysters! We love to adorn our holiday table with a heaping serving of Oyster Stuffing. This dish is so good, you'll want to eat it year round, and we couldn't agree more!

Oysters; some like 'em hot and cooked, some like 'em cold and raw. For those of us who like the best of both, you won't find a more balanced, decadent but briny dish, than the oyster pan roast. Oysters just barely cooked in a warm bath of cream are in a class of their own, yet easy enough to make at home.

The original recipe for Oysters Rockefeller, a dish dating back to 1899, was literally taked to the grave by chef Jules Alciatore, chef of New Orleans restaurant Antoine's. It is said that the dish was created during a shortage of french snails, which were used for their popular dish, escargot.

The beauty of oysters is that they mean something different to each individual who enjoys this special bivalve. To some, Oysters represent summer; eating self-shucked oysters in a bathing suit on the beach with a glass or rose or a cold brew. To others, oysters are the perfect happy hour snack to enjoy at their local raw-bar after a long day at the office.

Everything is better with Bacon: a catch (pun intended, continue reading) phrase we will never get tired of hearing or saying. But today we are cooking...with bacon...and oysters!