New York Oyster Week works passionately to build awareness and raise funds for non-profit organizations working to protect and restore habitats where oysters thrive. These organizations represent efforts that create cleaner water and provide habitat for hundreds of other species in New York Harbor, the Hudson River Estuary, Long Island Sound and beyond.


NY Oyster Week has worked with the Billion Oyster Project from our start in 2012. By supporting NY Oyster Week our Sponsors & Leading Oyster Destinations are helping to support a platform which raises awareness and funds for this incredibly important restoration & education effort. Supporting their oyster reef restoration and aquaculture programs is a great cause for your any brand to rally around. Also, if you are chef or restauranteur, you may want too look into how you can participate in and benefit from their oyster shell recovery program. Your discarded oyster shells can be recycled and used to help restore oyster reefs in NY Harbor and beyond.

In 2015 we are pleased to add this fine organization to our list of BeneFISHiaries. NY/NJ Baykeepers has been fighting for every New Yorker’s right to clean water and the enforcement of The Clean Water act of 1972 for many years. The effort is absolutely critical to support for the restoration of swimmable, fishable and drinkable water not just in NY Harbor, but everywhere. Their mantra is Protect, Preserve, Restore. We could not agree more. Without clean waters, well managed fisheries and sustainable initiatives there would be no fish or oysters to serve. The future, culture, cuisine, economy and ecology of oysters and seafood depends on good stewardship of our marine and estuarine resources. Savvy consumers know this and reward those who demonstrate a commitment to these principles.