EXPLORE: Ostras Brasil

Social media is wonderful. It connects us to oyster growers, distributors, chefs, shuckers and oystafarians all over the world. Most recently we've connected with Felipe Casertaini @fecasertani, a Brasilian who operates Enfim Ostras, an oyster catering business in and around Florianopolis. @enfim_ostras  

We knew there was some oyster production in Southern Brasil but had never really looked into it. Now we know a bit more about it. 

So, where do they grow oysters in Brasil? In the south, it seems. 

Florianopolis is near the border with Uraguay, way south in Brazil.

Looks like some pretty sweet oyster growing habitat. ​

This entire cove where the pin sits is filled with cages it seems. And teh cove to the south too.

The largest oyster, clam, scallop and musel grower is Ostra Vagante.

Ostra Vegante Farm in Saco da Caieira da Barra du Sol.

Felipe says this is another place in the world where the oysters turn green naturally. Learn more about what causes that HERE


Feilipe also told us of the two other speices that grow down there and are NOT common in Northern Hemisphere: Crasssistrea Rizophora and Crassostrea Brasiliana. There is next to no information on these speicies other than what we found to be consistent with some googling: C. Brasilia are also know as Mangrove Oysters. We're gonna be digging into this some more. There's much more to learn about oysters from Brasil and we'll keep updating this page as we do so.