While there are more than 5 edible species we speak of THE 5 which are generally available in the US. One of those is Ostrea Lurida. This is the species that is native to the pacific coast of North America. It is also one of the species which comes in only one “variety”. That variety is known as Olympia and is farmed only in Washington State. Here’s a short video about how to shuck them.

Here’s a short video that give a brief introduction to ALL 5 SPECIES that are commonly consumed in North America. One post editorial note: Virginica oysters (East Coast Oysters) are indigenous to the Gulf Coast too, not just the Atlantic Coast. 


Empire Oyster is back again -- you know, our yearly celebration of NY's best oysters where we bring in around a dozen local farmers and shuckers alongside a bunch of NYC chefs for super creative dishes. So get your tickets now (there are a few left at the early bird price!), and get ready to become a shuckmaster. Our annual oyster-housing celebration is shaping up to be the most delicious yet.

The Grand Finale of New York Oyster Week V will introduce OystoberFest to its new home at The South Street Seaport. Guests will enjoy an extraordinary offering of ultra-premium oysters of 20 varieties, shucked live, in the round and served raw on the half shell.

ShuckEasy, is an original production of The OysterHood developed for New York Oyster Week in 2013. Now in it’s 4th running it is an experience featuring ultra-premium, rare and exotic oysters paired with creative craft cocktails & mixology. On this night we will feature all 5 species of oysters commonly consumed in North America / (and legally attainable).