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Social media is wonderful. It connects us to oyster growers, distributors, chefs, shuckers and oystafarians all over the world. Most recently we've connected with Felipe Casertaini @fecasertani, a Brasilian who operates Enfim Ostras, an oyster catering business in and around Florianopolis. @enfim_ostras  

The wood handle of these knives is made from the up-cycled decking of the 125 Oyster Boat, "Laurel". It's really an extraordinary story. Learn all about it at So far, only 50 knives have been made from the wood we recovered. Only enough wood was recovered to make about 1500 knives. All knives made in the USA.

While there are more than 5 edible species we speak of THE 5 which are generally available in the US. One of those is Ostrea Lurida. This is the species that is native to the pacific coast of North America. It is also one of the species which comes in only one “variety”. That variety is known as Olympia and is farmed only in Washington State. Here’s a short video about how to shuck them.